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Clinical Expertise

Clinical Excellence Delivers Superior Outcomes

Following a hospital stay, recovering from surgery or a serious illness may require more time and specialized care before you are ready to return home. Some still need help with pain management or close monitoring of complex chronic conditions. Many need ongoing therapy to regain strength and mobility for independent living. Some residents need on-going stays.

The Grove provides a level of clinical sophistication and personalized attention that is not possible in other settings. Physician-supervised, round-the-clock care allows us to meet the unique needs of each guest including those with chronic diseases that may complicate their recovery. Our residents have a broad range of needs including:

  • Cardiac Care including post-surgical, congestive heart failure and myocardial infarction

  • Orthopedic Care including joint replacement, other orthopedic surgery, and injury

  • Rehabilitation related to stroke and other neurological conditions

  • Pulmonary Care

  • Oncology Care

  • Specialized Wound Care overseen by on-site wound specialist

  • Post-surgical recovery of all kinds

  • Palliative Care and Hospice Services

  • Respite Stays

  • In-house Bedside Hemodialysis

Physician-Supervised Care

Medical care is overseen by our medical director, a board-certified physician who leads a multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists and health care professionals to ensure excellence in quality of care and adherence to clinical protocols. Our specialists include board-certified physicians in geriatrics, pain management, wound care and orthopedics. Our medical staff includes a Cardiologist, Physiatrist, Pulmonologist, Nephrologist, licensed Physical/Occupational/ Speech/Respiratory Therapists, wound-care Specialist Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, Dieticians and Social Service professionals.

Conferences between our medical care team, the resident, their primary-care physician, and their family, shape the individualized plan of care. Residents and their families also receive education and counseling to address concerns along with realistic goals and outcomes.