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The Whole-Being Approach

The Grove at the Lake welcomes those in our care into a community dedicated to the whole being—physical rehabilitation, enhancement of health and independence; home-like comforts; an engaging and family-friendly environment—a well-rounded approach to a satisfying life, just like at home.

Our reputation as a premier skilled-care community for rehab and senior living is centered around our vision of individualized and personal attention offered by an experienced and caring staff to every single one of our residents.  Our care goes beyond the ordinary and employs some important extras not found elsewhere:

  • On-site Physiatrist.  A specially trained rehabilitation physician who treats the whole person not just the problem     area. Helps to restore maximum functioning through a plan of care based on a Whole-Being Approach.

  • Full-time Nurse Practitioner.  A high level of expertise is always available—and close at hand. A degree of     professional care not found everywhere.

  • In-house Bedside Hemodialysis.  Time saving, stress reducing.  No traveling necessary.  Continuity of care is     always maintained. Quick recovery time.

  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care.  Our special team is trained for the challenges that dementia presents.     A continuum of care is built around daily routines that provide structure and familiarity.  Resident-focused     activities are based on the individual’s interests and level of functionality.

The Grove at the Lake is the extension of care you need between hospital and home. We set high standards to deliver quality outcomes for a safe, expedient and successful return home.